Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a number of 'admin' questions that frequently asked by many people, hence this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Note however that our standard Terms & Conditions of Sale take precedence over this page if any difference should exist.

Last updated: November 2013

If you have a question related to the operation of our website, or our administration, or VAT/carriage charges or similar then please take a look at the questions & answers that follow below before contacting us. This will hopefully both save you some time, and allow you to order at a time of your convenience.

Is VAT included?

A: Where applicable VAT is included in all prices shown on our website, so if you’re buying for a VAT-registered business you’ll be able to claim any VAT back and the net cost to you will be less than shown. Note that the the vast majority of children's clothes are VAT exempt, although carriage is not.
A VAT invoice is available on request and will follow separately from the goods. Zero-rated supplies (e.g. for export) are not generally possible.

Privacy: Are my details kept private?

A: Yes they are. We don't like being spammed with hundreds of unwanted and irrelevant emails, and we don't do it to our customers either. We will only use the details that we hold about you to keep in touch ourselves, and we won't ever make them available to anyone outside of our company (except where necessary and for your benefit, e.g. so the carrier can deliver your order). If you pay by credit card through PayPal then we don't get to see your card details, merely an email from PayPal to say that you have paid.

For further details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Cookies: Do you use cookies on your website?

A: Yes we do. The vast majority of modern websites, and almost all shopping-cart websites, use cookies; they are essential to the correct operation of the website. We do not use cookies to collect or hold your personal information (such as name, address, telephone number etc.) and nor will any reputable website.

For further details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Carriage Charges: Are they reasonable?

A: We consider our carriage charges to be very reasonable, low compared with many other online sites selling kids clothes, and we are proud of this fact. In the case of very small orders, carriage can be an expensive item for us, so we aim to share this cost with you on lower cost items and pay it completely for you on more expensive ones.

We offer FREE standard carriage on all orders over £60 inc.VAT (£50 +VAT @ 20%), to anywhere in mainland UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands & islands, Isles of Wight/Scilly, Ireland and anywhere else not on the UK mainland). For orders less than that we charge a flat rate of £2.49+VAT (£2.99 inc VAT @ 20%).

Our standard carriage (post and packing for small and light items) is based on the total order value, so you won't run up large carriage charges by adding extra items as you may do elsewhere. Far from penalising you for spending more, we thank you for your purchase by offering free standard carriage if you spend more than £60 inc.VAT (£50 +VAT @ 20%) with us. Standard carriage generally takes 2-3 working days to arrive, but it can sometimes arrive next day and may sometimes take longer. This applies to mainland UK only; simple common-sense says that we can't ship outside UK for the same price as we do inside (if you are outside UK, please ask for a shipping quote before ordering).

If you require next day delivery, please add the appropriate surcharge as a separate item to your shopping cart and place your order before midday. We may sometimes be able to provide next day delivery for orders placed later than this, but we cannot guarantee it.

Please ask for quotations for other locations. Small parcels are generally not a problem, but it can be expensive to send large and heavy items to Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey etc. Except for small items we don’t generally export outside of UK simply because of carriage costs, but if you are in mainland Europe and need something from us we’ll always try to help (but please ask for a carriage quotation before ordering).

Must I use PayPal? Can I pay by credit/debit card or cheque?

A: We have provided a facility to pay using PayPal simply because it's quick, easy, very safe for online purchases, and trusted by the vast majority of people. We are PayPal Verified, meaning that they have checked our physical address, company registered number, VAT registration, bank details etc., and your safety is assured by them. So PayPal's there if you wish to use it, but there's no obligation on you to do so if you don't. If you do pay by PayPal, then we will generally despatch your goods immediately PayPal notifies us that you have done so.

If you wish to make payment by debit card or credit card then that's easy too: Simply choose the PayPal payment option but instead of logging into PayPal, enter your card details on the left of the screen and they will process your payment for us. If you pay by debit or credit card, then we will generally despatch your goods immediately we are notified that you have done so.

What if I still want to pay by cheque?

A: If, despite all the above, you would prefer to pay by cheque then please fill your shopping basket online and proceed to Checkout, selecting the Pay By Cheque option. Then print off the order form and pop it in the post to us, together with your cheque for the total shown (including carriage, and VAT where applicable). We will generally pay your cheque into our bank the day we receive it, and as soon as it has cleared (typically 5 working days) we will despatch your goods to you.

If you send us a cheque with a covering letter but without the order form generated by our system then it substantially increases our workload in processing it, it introduces delay for you, there is a risk of transposition errors in entering the precise goods that you require, and (from past experience) it's possible that the total won't agree with that generated by our system. Again, this increases our workload in working around the error. We reserve the right to simply return cheques to the sender if the order is not in our system.

We want to keep our prices as low as possible for your benefit and our automated systems are designed to help us do this. Please help us to help you, by using our systems, even if you then subsequently post us a cheque.

So the choice is entirely yours, but if anything is unclear, do please Contact Us and we'll be happy to try and help.

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